Sales as a Service

Sales as a Service

Why Sales Hunters?

Sales Hunters is a platform to:

Sales as a Service

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Expected results

3X faster


5X faster

Testing and product market fit confirmation

3X faster

Messaging validation

320 %

Top of funnel increase

200 %

Faster funding


CEO and Founder


What I love about Sales Hunters is they were able to figure out my industry, figure out where I am playing, which is logistics and transportation. Find people in a similar role that are doing well and poach them from those companies. That built a lot of trust with me.

Founder and CEO


Sales Hunters built the backbone of our go to market strategy and tactical engagements that have driven the sales success of our business.

CEO & Founder


Sales Hunters was able to test my product market fit (PMF), ideal customer profile (ICP), target personas and messaging on a highly iterative basis. Their proprietary dashboards measuring KPIs and key metrics provided the data needed to help us understand what challenges we faced and what next steps to take. My only regret was not engaging them earlier in the process. I highly recommend working with the Sales Hunters team to figure out your top of funnel go to market strategy and sales operations.



Sales Hunters are sales professionals themselves across the sales world with a global perspective. They know how to scale an organization up and down. They came in and made a significant contribution to our revenue growth

Co-Founder and CEO

Machinery Partner

Sales Hunters provided a structured, process driven approach to our outreach and social engagements. This has allowed us to test what channels and messaging work best to have high value conversations with our target audience. Their KPI and metric driven process has enabled us to drive top of the funnel at a velocity we had not previously thought possible.

Senior Director of Sales


Sean has been in a role similar to mine, so he understands what quality candidates look like. When I say I want to pass on a candidate, he might say ‘Well, I highly recommend them and here is why.’ I respect his view of talent. He might see something in a person that I have missed. He has challenged me in that way.

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